This is a typographic album redesign for My Chemical Romance's, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge." The front cover is based on funeral notices from the late 1800's - early 1900's. These would arrive in the mail upon a person's death, and often be saved as keepsakes. I wanted the funeral notice to look dated, with period appropriate typefaces, as well as a vintage stamp.  The stamp itself contains the band's hometown, the album's release date, as well as the catalog number.  My vision was someone received this notice in the mail, and placed it on their coffee table; where it became forgotten, crumpled, and stained. 

The back cover tracklisting resembles a guestbook at a funeral - also referred to as a, "Book of Condolence." For this, I used multiple pens and inks to try and convey different handwriting and signatures for multiple people. The legal copy at the bottom of the cover is printed on cleaner paper, with a more modern typeface, and is physically taped in place. I wanted the juxtaposition of the artistic view of the album design, with the straightforward, uncreative business copy added without regard to the creative direction.  Both pages are printed with an inkjet printer on watercolor paper; and aged with watercolor paint and tea.