This campaign contains a series of satirical condolence cards for the Japanese based videogame developer, From Software.  Games devolved by From Software are notoriously difficult.  Players are expected to die and die often.  In their most popular series, Dark Souls, a large message reading, "You Died," graces the screen upon a player's death.  This imagery adopts a mocking tone, and is synonymous industry wide with From Software.

These condolence cards were envisioned to be physical prints, sold at videogame retailers, that one gamer can mockingly give to another as a gag gift.  The key art is meant to resemble twisted versions of imagery one might find on a traditional condolence card.  The art style is inspired by the macabre, medieval art direction of From Software games.  The copy within the cards is inspired by traditional condolence card copy, with an added backhanded, sarcastic tone. 
An example of the, "You Died," message from Dark Souls
Full front and inside covers for all six condolence cards
Made in collaboration with Victoria Arms and Momodou Sonko